thinking crumpet

Here are a selection of my more academic musings on food…

Food in Literature

“WHAT?!” This tends to be the response I hear when describing my Masters degree in food in literature. I was at a party on Saturday night, and amongst the usual introductions and who-do-you-know-here conversations, I had to explain my postgraduate studies to at least twenty-three different people. They tended to react as if I’d said I am a postgraduate of music in mathematics (which would be incredible, come to think of it!) However, I was mostly greeted with confusion and disbelief that one could even study food in literature; character analysis is one thing, but reading into the charcuterie of the novel is surely over-egging the academics? Mmmmmore…


Unresolved Recipes

Mediterranean, sun-dried tomato and fennel chutney, with freshly ground allspice, root ginger, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Twice-baked truffle soufflé, with a wild mushroom velouté. Italian rose water and probiotic yoghurt Panna cotta. But just when did an afternoon of making chutney seem possible? Would I ever really risk the humiliation of a soufflé let down, let alone gather my own wild mushrooms and make yoghurt? If you are someone who collects recipes, you will know what it means to have a corner of your life stuffed full of recipes that-go on, admit it-you will never cook. Mmmmmmore…


Circles of Intimacy

“Would you like to come in for coffee?” – you may have been lucky enough to hear that question recently (I, for one, love a strong cup of coffee any time of day), but it doesn’t always mean one thing. A recent misunderstanding over exactly what ‘coffee’ entailed, led me to ponder how we create intimacy by sharing food. Mmmmmore…


You can catch a chapter from my internationally acclaimed Masters thesis on food and gender here


2 responses to “thinking crumpet

  1. kim

    I love your blog! It’s absolutely wonderful and I hear your familiar voice loud and clear in your writing. What a treat it is to read your notes and feel as though I’ve just had a lovely chat with you. Now, here’s a food question for you: I used to be able to cook a nice, fluffy pot of amaranth which I love to mix with cooked vegetables and a bit of olive oil. But lately I’ve ended up with a sloppy, gluey mess that resembles my worst memories of oatmeal porridge. It’s really quite disgusting although it’s not bad mixed in with lentil soup. What am I doing wrong? Or, put another way… what was I doing right the first few times I cooked this yummy grain?



    • littleredcourgette

      Hi Kim!
      I’m glad you like the blog — i think you are my imagined audience; an erudite cook! … i’m afraid I can’t help with your amatanth problem as i’ve never even heard of that grain! oops! I will however hunt it out and see if i too can make a sloppy, gluey mess! … maybe you’re just using a different brand? or the water isn’t hot enough? or are you forgetting to rinse it? … either way, i just wish i was sitting with you enjoying some of that lentil soup x x x

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