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HIX Mayfair review

Don’t let the crisp white linen, expert service and grandiose surroundings of Brown’s Hotel fool you – this restaurant is remarkably relaxed and welcoming.

Don’t let the crisp white linen, expert service and grandiose surroundings fool you – HIX is relaxed and welcoming.

Old school values are very much at home at Mark Hix’s funky Mayfair incarnation of traditional British cuisine. A silver trolley service nestles against wooden panelling, as Ionic columns jut up behind a traditional bar, yet the upholstery’s colour scheme is a bold purple and green, and Tracy Emin declares in pink neon ‘I love you more than I can love’ from her canvas above the fireplace. Diners might echo that same sentiment of love for Hix, after joyously feasting on his traditional menu that retains a playful touch of cool Britannia…

Read my full review for View London, including HIX’s dense slices of Albemarle smoked salmon, tender Scottish Kingairloch red deer with chanterelle mushrooms, and classic treacle tart.

> HIX Mayfair review


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Bizarre Bazaar

Crocodiles tied to pieces of pink silk, men in floral dresses, and 1950’s swimsuits… Read more about my fancy dress experience of the Bizarre Bazaar here.

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The Stag: Review

Let’s face it: makeshift BBQ’s don’t work. 

The debacle goes something like this: you can’t be bothered to heave a full-size BBQ up onto Hampstead Heath, so you raid the corner shop for one of those disposable numbers instead. All disposable BBQs should really be disposed of immediately, however, you still waste 45 minutes trying to get the thing to light – whilst you and your friends cower around a tin foil container that’s half the size of your burger, trying to convince each other that it’s not that cold, really.


You could go to The Stag pub just off the heath, to enjoy locally sourced meat, ostentatiously classic desserts, and a BBQ beer garden that’s almost as beautiful as the heath itself…  Read more of my Stag review here.

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Cafe du Marche: Review

Venue Image

Behind an unmarked door, down a cobbled alleyway, just off a 14th-century square – you could be forgiven for missing Le Cafe du Marche, yet it’s only minutes from Farringdon Station and Clerkenwell Road. A double bassist and jazz pianist set the relaxed tone to the evening, whilst the restaurant’s classic French cuisine and expert service combine fine dining with friendliness. An unforgettable, five-star dining experience. Read more of my View London review here.

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Rasa Travancore, Stoke Newington

keralaWhen an establishment has two restaurants on the same road – both of which are full – you know you’re on to a good thing. I have tried to get into the vegetarian Rasa on two occasions now, but long queue has always meant that I’ve ended up at the carnivores’ Rasa across the road. I say ‘ended up’ like it was second best, but I soon forget my disappointment as the friendly waiters bring out an assortment of fantastical crunchy rice flour and black sesame snacks and pickles whilst I peruse the menu. Continue reading

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Dorian Grey

dorian smallMatthew Bourne’s staging of Oscar Wilde’s gothic fable, The Portrait of Dorian Grey, follows a young man who is rocketed into the upper echelons of the beautiful people, only to descend into amorality and murder. Bourne sets Wilde’s complex study of lust and ego in the world of fashion, yet his piece falls victim to its own superficiality through underdeveloped characters and an over dependence on referencing contemporary culture.  Continue reading

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just don’t sit on the piano

I lean up against the piano as the waiter brings another whisky, and I passionately sing along to the tango I’ve just learnt by heart…. “no soy de nadie, no tengo dueño.” I belong to no-one, I have no master… Yet it takes more than two to tango at Toni2, as over eighty tipsy Madrilenians crowd round a twelve-foot piano in one of Madrid’s last true music bars… Read more of my review here.

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Franz Ferdidandy

Alex of Franz Ferdinand by gussifer.My friend and I were both in need of release, which is exactly what Franz Ferdinand provided. I had spent my day clearing up after a sick cat, and Friend had bought tickets for her boy, but since their break up last week, invited me along as a less painful alternative. As we snapped our heads back and forth to the irresistible Franz rhythm, the day’s worries trickled away with the sticky cider blackberry running below our feet.  The band… More…

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every good boy deserves a favour

National Theatre, until 25th February 2009

Every good boy deserves favour A symphonic orchestra plays vigorously, without making a sound. A slightly balding man gesticulates wildly with a triangle centre stage, every now and again adding a melodic strike – ‘ding!’ – to music that only he can hear. Continue reading


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