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Every woman needs an obsession: and I am obsessed with culinary obsession.

Every other week, it seems, I get some gastronomic bee in my bonnet, and I just don’t feel at peace until I’ve cooked it. First it was making homemade Jaffa cakes, then fig chutney, then handmade marshmallows. Once the idea has occurred to me, I’ll constantly think about a recipe, and when, how and with who I’ll whip up these little gustatory delights. Yet as soon as I’ve made a big mess in the kitchen and have something edible to show for my efforts, I move onto the next obsession. I’m like some donkey providing my own interminable carrot so that I am never left with the sense of having nothing left to cook. Each obsession reflects a different side to my character, or rather…

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i just made macarons

I feel deeply satiated. Content.

macaron flash


details to follow… for now i shall just collapse into bed with sticky fingers and a sugar rush.

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