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Love it: Hate it

I am flummoxed by the recent Marmite campaign to launch the new, extra-strong Marmite spread. Codenamed MXO, and on sale this month, this even darker, even more intense version of the well known yeast extract is “only for the true marmite lovers”. Find out whether you love or hate the new secret society of Marmariti, on my Food Network blog, here.


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Eat. Love.

Oysters, chocolate, bananas – St Valentine had probably never even heard of such things in his day (specifically, the third century BC), but they still get bandied around as the best aphrodisiacs. Regardless of whether raw shellfish tickles your pickle, there are plenty of other foods that can seduce your lover – including ginger, figs and pufferfish. Read more of my feature here, on the Food Network TV site.

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catch me if you can…

Check out my new blog posts for the Food Network.

The biggest American food channel is expanding into the UK; and my little posts on all things British and foodie are part of it! To be up to date on news items as well as current trends, get Locally Sourced.

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