my favourites

Here are just a selection of recipes that have been a big hit.

I cook a LOT, so I won’t be able to get everything up here. Some will be from friends and family, others I will have nabbed off the internet – but all will be delicious!


Deep Dark Chocolate Bites

These little bad boys from are low in fat but will blow your mind. I made them when I went round to see a house – they asked me to move in the next day! Recipe…

Olivia’s Brownie

Olivia made this dark chocolate brownie at Josie’s birthday picnic. It should be illegal, served with extra thick double cream and fresh fruit. I had to get the recipe and it’s been a winner every time. Recipe…

Lemon Tarte

 This really is the best lemon tarte you will ever taste. A citrus sweetness that cuts to the taste buds with a zing! – thank you Theo Randall. Recipe…


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