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me granadaAn editor, food writer and restaurant critic, I specialise in food and culture for both off and online publications.

I am editor of Blue Tomato food and restaurant magazine, which has led me to the studios at Sky News to interviewing chefs and restaurateurs across the city. I write city guides for Food and Travel magazine, and have worked for Waitrose Kitchen and BBC Good Food magazine. I am also known to turn my pen to copywriting for John Lewis, blogging for Food Network TV or writing features for Leisure Kicks lifestyle magazine. I am an accredited feature writer from City University, London.

I completed a Masters in English Literature and food theory at the University of British Columbia, Canada, in September 2008, where I was awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship: so I am fully qualified to share my thoughts on food with you. My thesis on how food is gendered was well received at conferences on food in Los Angeles, CA, and on play theory in San Antonio, Texas. A chapter from my thesis has also been published by Cuizine academic journal.

My love of food started in the kitchen, then moved to the library — I now work as a writer to combine my heady thoughts with my passion for good taste. Very rarely does something pass my lips without me ruminating on why or how it got there; I love thinking about food as much as I love eating it. I like to eat with my brain and think with my mouth.

You can contact me via this page with enquiries.