Liberally minded

Circles of intimacy and dinner invitations:

See my recent publication in the outstanding Liberal Magazine, here.








  his here is also where it should be.

this is where the break should be.



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4 responses to “Liberally minded

  1. Renira

    As social beings we all seek the companionship and the isolation that sharing a meal brings. This becomes even more important as traveled individuals who seek to share a bit of ourselves with others in ways that remind us of home. I miss those shared times when we all brought a bit of home with us to share with those with whom we had shared experiences.

  2. I can’t figure out a way to e-mail you so I’m commenting here – I’m a photographer and have set out to photograph all of my friends on Facebook in their homes and in my travels I’m amazed at the amount of people who have not only opened up their homes and families, but have also fed me. I am doing research tonight on intimacy and sharing meals and stumbled across this post and it is exactly what I’m look for. Can I re-blog and quote you?

    • littleredcourgette

      Hi Tanja,

      Yes, of course you can re-blog my piece! I’m glad you like it and that it’s been useful for you… food is a great way to create or reinforce intimacy – as it sounds like you’ve been experiencing during your exciting photograph project. I wonder if you took photos of the food too?! All the best, Lisa

  3. Thanks so much! Yes, of course, all the food! And trying to do all the meal time gatherings/restaurants/drinks/gardens/chickens/turkeys/bees on my blog too!:

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